Monday, August 12, 2013

Here The Blisters Come

The thick layer of aloe vera helps to cool and soothe the skin in the nights. The anti-blister stick applied in the mornings helps to prevent too much chafing and blisters. But still they form. Eioowww. While I possess sensible toe socks and awesome Aigle walking boots that provide support and padding, that last 11-mile trek from Coniston to Langdale did me in. But the villages and hamlets are totally enchanting. Not too difficult a walk lah, but we chose a number of uphill options to cut across areas instead of circling them in a longer but flatter route.

I admit it. Bunions hurting. Skin peeling. Blisters bubbled across the toes and soles. Swopped out shoes to Birkies today. Only light walking allowed. Don't lecture me about shoes. These bunions were formed from years and years of namely ballet en pointe, and figure-skating trying to land that perfect salchow and double axle. I love my bunions.

The walks are gorgeous. However, we aren't that adventurous to trek all 74 miles of Cumbria Way from Ulverston to Carlisle. Chickened out of the toughest part of Langdale to Keswick, and Keswick to Caldbeck. Maybe next time. We probably only walked no more than 35 miles in total so far. The silly man still bragged that most Singapore men who went through National Service could do 20 miles (30km) in a day. Boo. Now, feet pain. PAINFUL. :( TOTALLY WORTH IT THOUGH. I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat. Incidentally, I love how the thighs and butt are feeling right now. :D


Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Yikes your poor, poor feet! But okay, I believe you that the pain is worth all the lovely walks! Getting better soon Impy feet!

imp said...

corsage: blister plasters work great. eh, did you fracture the little toe??? how bad is it?