Thursday, August 29, 2013

In Colorful Tops

"If you stare at this and stroke your chin,
You may appear intelligent and cultured."

(Punctuation my own)

Y and I stared the board outside Necessary Provisions and grinned. Missy stared at what we were looking at, and wanted to know what was up. She asked us to read it aloud for her. We groaned in unison. OH DEAR. We definitely looked like we fell for it. Heh.

Totally tickled that the little girl was chuffed to be in a matching top with mine. Y made them, so of course she got all the measurements down pat, and both our tops fell beautifully over pants. Quite fun to have a little jaunt around town in our colorful summer tops on a rainy cool day.

Later on, Missy and I left Y at the table; the little girl trustingly slipped her hand into mine, and off we went to the basement to grab a bottle of milk from the supermarket. I was slightly impressed by the little girl who resolutely ignored the shelves of animal biscuits (one of her favorite snacks) and responded to my offer to buy a packet with "It's okay, Aunty Imp. I have many packets at home, and we can buy more when those are finished." Win. Even I don't have such powerful self-restraint.

When Missy realized that the shelves didn't stock strawberry-flavored Meiji milk, she opted for another brand's strawberry-yoghurt smoothie. Errmmm. Nice meh?? In answer to my "Are you sure about this?", she breezily replied, "Yes, I've drunk this before and I like it. Yes, I'm sure." Okay, Missy isn't so little as to not know how to choose a drink. I reached out for the chosen flavor and brand, and as I grabbed the outermost bottle, Missy stopped me. "Hey," she said, "Aunty Imp, grab the one behind." LOL. You should have seen how far back my eyes rolled. That's like the most 'auntie' line ever, coming out from a 5-year-old! 

PS: Y & A, your girl is hilarious lah!

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