Friday, August 30, 2013


Steamboat dinner at Wah Lok Restaurant. Or hotpot, as many call it. I like having steamboat at this restaurant. Most of all, the selection of ingredients is staggering. Was in the mood for lobster sashimi. Although the stomach lurched when they served the dish with the head still twitching.

For some reason, the tastebuds wanted a lot of pungent condiments tonight. They served sauces. But I also specifically wanted freshly chopped garlic, sliced chilli padi and soy sauce. Yummy. Grinned as a memory flashed. And I privately chuckled. Of course I wasn't going to share it with the table. They would die laughing. If you guys read it here, so be it.

In Windermere, the man and I drove by signs that indicated the distance to the Steamboat Museum. Had an immediate thought. For a long while, I was wondering quietly in my head why on earth would people want to show exhibits of pots, chopsticks, and gas burners and whatever, and why would steamboat be popular in this part of the world back then. Luckily I didn't voice that thought aloud. Within seconds, I literally facepalm-ed when the realization dawned upon this Asian girl that this Steamboat Museum was NOT what I was thinking of. Muahahahahaha. No, we didn't stop by the museum.

When I decided to tell the man my initial thought of what the Steamboat Museum held, it was three days later, when we were far far away from Windermere in another town. His eyes widened, fell silent for a bit, and ROTFLOL for a good 10 minutes. Haizzzz. I'll never hear the end of it.


kikare said...

See, hot pot is less confusing lah.

imp said...

In a way, but steamboat is still commonly used here I think.