Sunday, August 18, 2013

Learning About British Cheeses

It's odd that I'm not as familiar with British cheeses as I should be. It has always been French and Swiss cheeses that are a staple at home. I know the Blue and White Stilton, and that's about all. It's a fairly recent thing that I began looking at English cheeses with more interest.

Not into sweets, so dessert is a non-affair at meals. Since this is a vacation, I make an exception for dessert- in the form of a cheese platter. It does mean that I have to cut back on the mains. There's only so much stomach space after all. Cheese and chutney on a board, with bits of nuts or freeze-dried fruit, and biscuit thins. No bread please. Too much marvelous bread would have been eaten even before the starters arrived.

Found a few easy nibbles. Dependable flavors and all. The Cumbrian cheeses are mellow and uhh...would be good in like a tomato and cheese sandwich, or if you prefer, a damn good ham and cheese (Tovey or Allerdale Smoked, or Cumberland Oak Smoked). Fell in love with the Swaledale's Blue, and their version of chives and garlic. Garlic gets my attention, always.

This board was served with raisin loaf, homemade chutney,
blue poppy seed and celery salt biscuits.
Savory awesomeness.

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