Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Egg

Not going to pass up the chance to eat hen's eggs, especially if it's collected fresh in Cumbria. London's fine too, since I get so many choices. Well, we've already discussed that free range and organic don't mean shit on a packaging unless we've visited the farms and know for sure, or there's a webcam showing us squawking hens merrily roaming. Anyway, there's something different in the taste as compared to ones at home. The smell...and the taste. They come across very obviously in soft boiled eggs, and especially when slurped raw. The eggs here are delicious.

One egg a day, if not two. Not a hard and fast rule. I've gone for days without eating even one egg. Preferably ingested soft-boiled or raw, with a touch of sea salt and on some days when I feel like it, pepper. Haven't had sufficiently frequent-enough stomach upsets from tainted raw eggs to be cowed into eating less of them. Best form of breakfast or a snack, or a replacement meal if I'm not particularly hungry. An egg alone, won't singularly raise cholesterol levels. If I cut out meat and shellfish from my diet, then I don't see a problem with eating eggs, cheese or butter though I won't advocate eating 6 eggs a day or swallow a slab of butter on a daily basis.

Incidentally, I subscribe to egg. Fairly good reads occasionally. No, they don't talk about eggs. They deliver poetry to your inboxes once a week.

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