Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Oop North

As a child, I spent many extended vacations in England with the family, and I hold fond memories of the Lakes. The man declared he has never been to the Lake District, and I thought he really should see the beauty of the English countryside. When I mentioned our planned jaunt to his parents, they giggled and said he had been to the Lake District, and definitely to Windermere, rather often in fact, when they were studying in the country. Okaaay. The young boy then, clearly remembered nothing of it.

Once the man's work obligations were sorted, we hustled out of London quickly and came oop north, collected our cute little trusty car, and started the drive from Lancaster. We came west for Cumbria, and the Lakes. It was a conscious decision to skip the Wilderness Festival in Oxfordshire and trade it for some quiet. By good timing, the Lake District Summer Music Festival is happening. Chamber music. Hurhurhur. The man's tiny travel electric guitar is going to feel so out of place. The music and film events would offer a little perk-me-up after all the poetry-reading sessions, acclaimed writers born and bred in the area, and stories of Peter Rabbit. The man can quote Wordsworth endlessly. So that's a bit painful when I'm a captive audience in the car. I like John Ruskin though. Heh.

It's not going to be just driving around even though the routes are breathtakingly scenic. The man simply loves the idea of not having to fight bumper to bumper city traffic. Summer in England's northwest averages a beautiful 18°C. Sunlight abound till 10pm. We must take advantage of that. Looking forward very much to wandering around the trails (on foot and on a horse). Long walks that meander up and downhill, across pebbles, creeks and streams, sheep and cow poo (and pee), mud, rocks, slopes and all.


sinlady said...

Country! the man is ever so lucky to have you by his side for this...

imp said...

Awww. I also need him to drive! Kekekekeke.