Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Honest Burgers

And London continues its fierce debate over what makes a good burger. The city really doesn't fancy America's Five Guys or Shake Shack, hilariously located so near each other in Covent Garden and slightly downwards to Trafalgar Square. I'll stick to Chipotle nearby, never mind that it costs close to £10 per person with extra guac and a drink.

While I'm still okay with beef, I'm no burger lover. The man is, and is quite picky about burgers. We're no fans of Shake Shack, and since this is London, Five Guys, we'll pass. That will have to wait till we get to Baltimore, get together with the friends to eat up all the outlet's fries.

London has great burger joints that do fantastic hand-cut chips. Just follow them food critics and burger apps. They kinda work decently in tandem, not singularly. Read a few to get a sense of a joint's individual burger flavors. Since we were headed to Camden Town for the gigs, the man and the friends intentionally sauntered over to the casual Honest Burgers for dinner.

The tiny joint was packed out that evening. Ironically, there's a vegetarian stall right across it offering falafels and sandwiches. Heh. The man sank his teeth into errmm two burgers. He loved them. The fritters with cucumber yoghurt and house chips with rosemary salt were awesome. The Bloody Mary was great! The table ordered a couple. But I was puzzled as to why two glasses tasted different. Then I realized the man had cleverly ordered me the one with a splash of beef consomme for that savory hint. UGH. No like. I prefer the regular version and had to put in another order.


sinlady said...

a splash of beef consomme in BM? doesn't even sound good leh.

imp said...

It is quite delicious if done spicy. Somehow they go well together. But i'm not quite fond of food in my alcohol. Heh.

Anonymous said...

Looks delish! Hv a good holiday Imp! :)

imp said...

joanne: thanks!