Friday, September 06, 2013

And This BFF Is Home

Now, there's very little reason for me to visit Shanghai often. :) My best friends are two girls living in two different countries, and not the man. I've grown up with these girls who're not my schoolmates. Almost three decades of friendship through it all. The man is my partner, not my best friend or soulmate. I never believe in soulmates. So it's just different, males and females. I need my girls, their wit and opinions. They're like, among the smartest women I know. So to me, the term 'bff' is obstinately defined in the plural.

This bff will stay put in town for a while. Dunno for how long. Don't care. But I'll just relish the period that she's around. It's very nice to chat in person instead of Skyping. Already, she's arbitrarily flooded my calendar with about a zillion events. In spite of whatever she says, she's a more social creature than I am. I feel tired just looking at the dates. Duh. Can't imagine having to schmooze at all these parties. Zzzz. But the part about furniture shopping for the flat- I like. Hohoho.

First thing the bff did, was to subscribe to a telco's data plan, and marvelled at how fast 3G and LTE download speeds are in Singapore. I was like...!!! But okay, compared to her city of residence for so many years, yes. When she left Singapore, there wasn't even such a thing as internet access on the phones. She received change in coins, but didn't notice that they were the newly issued versions until I pointed it out. Then I promptly regretted that because she shrieked so loud in surprise and delight at the cute shiny new coins that the next table glanced over in wonderment.

Then came food. All cravings must be satisfied, most of which have to do with spices. Of course. First item she asked for- chicken rice. Roasted, please. Not the white steamed chicken. She wanted that blast of chilli and ginger accompanying the dish. Didn't want any vegetables. I groaned. Most hated meat. Ugh. We went to Five Star Chicken Rice, where they had chicken, vegetables, tofu and plenty of other food choices. Heh.

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