Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Brewing Tea At Home

Once in a while, I like brewing tea for friends and have a good conversation that oddly doesn't centre around tea per se. Today, the tea partner and I had a most delightful time with two good friends in separate sessions.

They were furiously Instagramming away. Heh. All right. Whatever tickles their fancy. Twitter and this blog are still my preferred source of online presence. The rest of the channels exist because of the other friends who're active on them. While I'm not exactly dormant on those, I've whittled postings down to the bare minimum. Photos taken for the purpose of work (tea) and for the personal blog are vastly different, and I prefer to keep it separate. While occasionally words and all overlap, but I've grown less inclined to discuss about the work with/for tea in everyday conversations. Really not hot about linking tea to the spread of any culture unless it's a done deal in the annals of history, and especially, religion.

My home set-up for tea brewing is done exactly to the way I want. An eclectic mash of vessels and whatever. No one has any right to tell me that it's ugly or not presentable. After a while, I discard certain styles or practices that don't sit well with me, and I don't give two hoots about what's the 'right' way. There isn't one. So there. Tea can be as annoying as the debate of 'cooking as science; cooking as art', as irritating as the questions in the hot survey of the month going around now about Social Attitude. (I mean, sight of young men with long hair? Excuse me, I need a qualifier of whether that hair is greasy or limp, or whatever. Aesthetics matter! Otherwise that question is just...not reflective of one's full opinion!) 

Anyhow. All that matters, is how that cup of tea tastes like, to you.

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