Sunday, September 22, 2013

Finally, Regular Facials

I've avoided doing regular facials for the longest time. It's just a pain. Tried to pop by a few old school facial salons which are really quite good, but somehow, the schedules just didn't work out. I can't be arsed about taking care of my face, which does explain why it's not exactly in tip-top condition. For half my life, it's just been wash and go. The bff's forever nagging me about it. There's a dark patch on my cheek that I've stopped bothering to correct with any spot corrector or whatever. Too late now. Would need the aesthetics surgeon to take a look at it if I want something done.

I react to plant ingredients in facial products. It's a fallacy that sensitive skin can use it. I react to herbs and botanicals. You should see how fast my skin welt up when aromatherapy oil products are slathered on it. Even drinking too much tea calls up swollen lips and eyes. The dermatologist already gets A LOT of money from me; there isn't much of a need to visit beauty salons too. Anyway. I finally decided to sort out facials at Jet Concepts. Conceded that I've to do something about clogged pores and eye bags this year. Sure, I can sleep more, but my beauty regimen requires boosting. Certainly not going to do anything about it at home beyond the usual cleanse-scrub-moisturize. Not even bothered to buy masks or whatever mask-sheets.

No extraction, no steaming, no nothing. Just plain cleanse and moisturize. And don't sell me anything. No thousand-dollar products please. Not even interested in paying S$500 for a tub of anything. I don't want fancy or spa-like. No frills. I want to pop in and out. It has to be utilitarian. Anything more, I'd go to the aesthetics surgeon, which is an option I won't consider till I'm 50. Jet Concepts fit my needs for the now. If you like the usual pampering, don't bother trying out this place. Doubt you'll like it. I've popped by four times this year. Only. Need to be more consistent with the visits. My skin hasn't reacted to any of their products so far. That's good. Hurhurhur.

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