Sunday, September 15, 2013

Noughts and Exes :: Album Launch

Thrilled to be able to dance at indie folk-rock outfit Noughts and Exes' eponymous album launch. Locked in the date earlier and shifted the schedule to fit the gig. I like folk rock, and Noughts and Exes happen to be one of my favorite Hong Kong bands. Backed their album via Kickstarter without hesitation and so pleased with the awesomeness that came out of it in one album.

Held at the centrally located The Vine Centre in Wan Chai, the venue was packed out with friends and fans. It was a busy night! Took it as an opportunity to catch up with some friends who live in Hong Kong. There wouldn't be time for a drawn-out dinner, but when our music tastes align, this concert was the best way to connect. A night out at gigs in any city is always cool.

Supporting Noughts and Exes were Killer Soap, and the darling lads and lass from In Each Hand A Cutlass. It was a ticketed event, and personally, I prefer listening to bands of different genres play in one night. For variety's sake, if nothing else. So it was a great night hearing bands familiar and new. I've only heard Killer Soap on the stereo, and they were really enjoyable live.

Didn't actually think about dinner because we were in town. Figured it would be just a 5-minute walk to food at whatever reasonable timing the tummy chose to rumble. However, as we hung out at the venue, we were fed by the fantastic crew of volunteers for Noughts and Exes who cooked up pasta salads, greens, hummus and made sandwiches. Best. I was dying for a salad, dips and bits of pasta. Shamelessly ate lots.

Between sets, I lurked backstage and towards the end of the night, caught a bonus jam by the musicians who were part of the flash mob at Times Square joined in for the finale at the end of the night. Spied a saucepan as a musical instrument! Such fun!

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