Saturday, September 14, 2013


The awesome Nana Chan finally gave up being a lawyer and went ahead to indulge in her passion for tea, and opened Teakha (茶。家) at Tai Ping Shan Street (太平山街) in Sheung Wan, a quiet residential alcove that is now home to a burgeoning number of hip cafes, coffee shops, independent clothing stores and art galleries. Nearby, affiliated arts events space Plantation (茶莊) has opened too.

Still picturesque in an urban sprawl of buildings with all its nooks and crannies, the streets were absolutely fascinating. I was instantly happy once I wandered uphill and found the couple of happy streets in that familiar style that new chic modern indie stores. It was a tough decision deciding which one to pop into, and because I only had a short window of time, the stop had to be at Teakha.

The cafe was packed out on a busy afternoon. The indoor seating is so tiny that most people sit outdoors. Hot, yes. But the humidity wasn't unbearable. The girlfriend and I were decked out in super casual light clothes and had no problems with hanging out without a/c for a bit. What a lovely little space Teakha occupied. Love the vibes.

We passed on the homemade fig scones and cakes. Masala chai was good, but remember each shop does it differently, and this one is more delicate than spicy. We were happy to see it boiling in a saucepan before they served it. The cold brew chrysanthemum oolong was quite lovely. Chrysanthemum petals were meshed in a refreshing light fragrant Taiwanese oolong with honey notes. Might be off the mark, but I was almost certain that a Li Shan oolong was used. :)

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