Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Bff's Mother's 60th

Glad that the bff's in town this year, along with her sister who specially flew back for the weekend to celebrate their mother's 60th birthday. Very nice to be invited to dinner at the traditional Spring Court Restaurant where it apparently holds special memories for the family. Spring Court Restaurant has such a rich history since it was opened in 1929, seeing the development of this country when it was a prosperous entrepôt of the British, surviving this arena of WWII, moved a few times till its current renovated location.

I've never eaten at Spring Court Restaurant and looked forward to trying its food. It was yummy! There was a rather beautifully stewed chicken soup and bird's nest, which I kinda sipped and left aside. It was uh, too chicken-ny. Ugh. Plenty of other food to eat. There were vegetables and all. There were three full tables, but my table wasn't too keen on fish. There was a lovely red grouper that I more or less finished. The others picked at it, and left everything else to me. Nobody wanted the head. Hurhurhur. I slurped it up.

This is one of those invitations that I'll instantly say yes to, and shift my schedule to fit it, even if it means changing flight dates or flying back earlier. Our friendship is worth all that and more. The biggest problem- I didn't know what to get for the mother as a gift. After turning over many options, I went with the safest choice- an ang pow. Heh. Even managed to find a gigantic glossy gold envelope for the occasion. The bff's mother was all smiles the whole evening. She was clearly, superbly happy with festivities held in her honor and to her health.

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