Monday, September 30, 2013

Cereal Volume 4

While I've always loved Cereal's travel insights, its latest Volume 4 cracked me up in its theme of 'Grass' where Richard Aslan explores if humans could eat uh...grass, like animals. It's quite hilarious when he breaks down the analysis for humans to eat like a cow, a rabbit or a termite. Totally tongue-in-cheek of course.

With between 20% and 40% percent of the world's landmasses under some kind of grass or another, be it meadow, pasture, savannah, or plain old lawn, there's a lot of it to go around. Cows can eat it, rabbits can too. Are we giving up too easily? Perhaps, if we look to nature, learn a few tricks, and make a few tiny anatomical adjustments, then we could do it too ... 

Its other articles and gorgeous photos are Krakow, Uniform Wares, Los Angeles and New Forest. I like how they always feature an English town, city or activity in this book because Cereal is based in Bristol, UK. I like how its focus is on other aspects of food, rather than the eating and the recipes per se. Even the food styling, isn't exactly about the food either. I can't do pretty and just that. It has to have something beyond that. Those magazines won't get my attention.

One article I thoroughly enjoyed is 'Rice', grouped under the main theme of 'Grains'. Even though I don't eat that much carbs, I love it. Carbs would be the singular thing that can make my weight balloon back its familiar old 70kg. Never going there again. But I can't ignore carbs completely. I love pasta most, and rice a distant second. But good rice is welcome any time. I love how this article dissects rice into cultural significance, especially in Asia, and how its importance is distinguished by language definitions, whereas in English, rice is just... rice.


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