Tuesday, October 01, 2013

A Bag of An Ikat Design

Was at The Little Dröm Store for tea and spied the displays of items with ikat-designs on them. Stepped in for a closer look. These product were brought in by A Craft Initiative.

Its current batch of products are themed "ikat collection" because they feature "hand-woven cotton ikat fabrics made by weaving communities in Laos." Apparently this is part of a larger research project by design for entitled "From Anthropology to Design: A Heritage Management Project in the New Silk Road", funded by the Nanyang Technological University. What a mouthful. At the end of the day, I'm simply the consumer. As long as I see something I like, and the background is complementary to my reasons of shopping and buying, it will do.

The ikat warp weave is used by so many communities in the world. So many different techniques exist. All that remains is for buyers to decide if they like a particular design. At the store, there're a few designs made in the forms of pouches, Macbook covers, etc. I've a very soft spot for Laotian design and products. Quite tempted by many other items, but in the end, chose the bag-pouch. It's not practical for days when I need to lug lots of stuff around. But perfect for little jaunts when I don't need to carry around too many items. Took it out over the weekend. It was quite the cheerful lump.

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