Sunday, September 08, 2013

The Kranji Countryside

Rainy cloudy Sunday. Oddly, the roads weren't crowded and most people seemed to have opted to stay indoors to hide from the wet. But we wore rain boots and went splashing. Perfect for us to take a jaunt out to the Kranji 'countryside', drive and walk around the marked heritage trails. But a bit of sunshine peeked out here and there. We wound up by the 'beach' before making our way back to the industrial estates and the city.

This is as about 'countryside' as we can get in urban built-up Singapore. We'll take it. The winding roads and plenty of green made for a pleasurable drive in silent reflection. Our knowledge and plans are finite and limited.  We've only this much of control of our lives. The rest of it, we leave it to fate and God. But for whatever we do, we're mindful of the ripple effect and consequences.

Lunch was eagerly gobbled up at Bollywood Veggies' cafe. The moringa tempura is still fascinating even after eating it for a couple of times. Fried leaves. I know it as pokok kelo. We love the food here, and make it a point to pop in regularly to makan all its farm fresh goodness.

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