Thursday, September 12, 2013

To Hong Kong with Loads of Gear!

That's a MONO haversack
with more gear.
Traveled with the lads and lass of In Each Hand A Cutlass to Hong Kong and gave up my luggage capacity to them. They're playing two gigs and took along a ton of gear. Also made myself useful by providing an extra pair of arms and legs.

Gigs overseas are always potentially a logistical nightmare. Luckily, we're in convenient Hong Kong, and daily necessities or supplies can be purchased quite easily. Packed all my stuff into one bulging Mulberry Bayswater that's amazingly resilient and spacious. All good.

Well, the checklist indicated so much gear, and so heavy! But when I saw all the bags and cases gathered at the airport marked fragile and ready to be sent over to the airplane, I blinked. It's still A LOT of luggage we're traveling with. Checked in as a group of 11 to maximize baggage allowance. Had to fly SQ; it's the only airline that will give us extra weight privileges.

At DFS, the friends bought only two bottles of whisky. "Sure you guys don't want three?" I laughed. "No need", they said. Mark my words, they'll finish them before the second night, and will have to buy another bottle at some point. I doubt food will be the highlight of this trip. There's so little time. Eating will be a non-affair, and purely utilitarian. For about 10 seconds, I contemplated bringing a few cups of instant noodles, for the possible lapses in accessible food within 10 minutes.

One highlight of the trip- Noughts and Exes' eponymous album launch. Can't wait! That's really my main reason for grabbing the air ticket. Hurhurhur. Always liked hearing Noughts and Exes live. Such different happy vibes. Arranged to meet friends at the gig too. It'll be a great party.

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