Saturday, October 05, 2013

'bud' at Objectifs

I spent a good part of an afternoon simply taking in the photos curated in Objectifs' photography exhibition titled 'bud' held from September 26 - October 5. A short duration, but enough for me to wander over.

It's a small exhibition showcasing some of Objectifs' students' works touching on different genres and subjects. While I'm really not this fan of Instagram and not at all a very visual person, I still like looking at photographs with strong visual themes and focus. It's not just a matter of hey, I own a camera. I take photos! Love the works of the photographers Cereal uses. Their layout is superb.

There were casual portraits, of reptile rescue by Acres, dancers at a rehearsal and someone's hands making a cup of coffee. New to structured photography, it's quite awesome seeing the students' works blown up and sorted into an exhibition. There's something happy about viewing someone's efforts neatly hung on the wall within an exhibition space.

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