Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Desserts for Bubbles

A little girl who's only four, but oh-so-mature, that when her face lit up at the sight of the colorful dessert counter, she had to carefully ask if they contained eggs or gluten because she couldn't have them. My heart ached.

And that was exactly why I brought Bubbles to The Living Café's kitchen, so that she could have anything displayed at this dessert counter because every item didn't contain any egg or gluten. Little sugar too. Then her whole face brightened into this excited spark, and it was pure joy as she eagerly contemplated what she would like to try. Bubbles especially loved those raw dark chocolate squares. Her mom and I indulged her in three pieces. We liked the raw oatmeal raisin halva.

Corsage was pleased that the kitchen churned out food that she liked as well. Food that she would cook, and thus approve. Low on oil and simply grilled. She shared a brown rice bowl with her daughters. Grilled barramundi, and we ordered another slab of grilled salmon. Mmmm. I had an awesome gazpacho and a tasty zucchini 'pasta' that was stripped from the vegetable.

Currently, Corsage's and my schedule fit so well that it's quite a breeze to match a date. Happy to always sit down and chat with this girlfriend. Thankful that her little girls don't mind me around too. I'm definitely closer to Bubbles, simply because she's older than Bun and I've spent more time with her. Like I said, it's not the adults' decision to squish a cute kid; it's always the kid's choice to hang out with the adults. Bun's not comfortable enough to be carted around and away by me; mom out of sight. Although Bun understands if there's only me hanging around when her sister and mother go to the bathroom. That's the only (short) time she deigns to be entertained by a very nervous yours truly. Hurhurhurhur.


Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

I was torn between feeling heartache for her, and some embarrassment at how greedy she was behaving! Such is life as a mother of this dear Bubbles. Thank you for indulging her and giving her a dessert buffet of her dreams! I MUST learn to bake like that. Hugs hugs hugs!

imp said...

No lah! I remember how it felt as a kid to not be able to eat anything. Props to you for all that effort in meal prep. It's a hectic schedule you keep.