Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fish for One

Popped back to Cheung Chau (長洲) for its awesome seafood. It's an easy journey on the ferry. Fixed dinner earlier in order to catch the sunset. We've all explored the island, and didn't need to do so this evening. Simply stood by the pier to watch the lengthening rays and shadows. The weather has turned cooler over the weekend. Average daily temperatures have dropped by a good five degrees. Quite beautiful now. Not cold. Sunset this evening was breathtakingly serene.

Didn't bother about the name of the restaurant we went to. I'll find it again. The Hong Kong friends had their favorites and had their eye on one tonight. Upon exiting the pier, they just walked towards the right, towards Watsons and zipped into one eatery that didn't look too shabby or too fancy. Nice service from our server who was this matronly aunty who thought we ordered too much food. Hahahahaha.

The table ordered most of the menu. Including three roasted pigeons. What's new. Good seafood too. Clams, prawns, crabs and all. Even though I had popped a pill earlier to allay allergies, I decided to be prudent and not aggravate the body. Kept the intake of shellfish to the minimum. Had their local vegetables which were excellent. 

Decided to have one fish all to myself. Steamed. A local pomfret of sorts. I've no idea what the English name is or the written Cantonese form. It sounded like "王臘鯧" ("wong laap choang"). In an eatery like this, unfortunately they used a queer mixture of sesame oil and low-grade soy sauce. That sauce wasn't nice at all to be drizzled over steamed white rice. However, the fish was really fresh, steamed to perfection, and served immediately. Not a minute more, not a minute less. The server was a little shocked when she heard one fish was just for me. It was a small fish, 400grams or so. Well, I cleaned it. :)

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