Monday, October 28, 2013

Explosions in the Sky :: Hong Kong

Decided to follow the friends to catch Explosions In The Sky (EITS) in Hong Kong than in Singapore. Simply because I preferred their music heard in an indoor venue than outdoors. The extremely convenient venue is where Noughts and Exes launched their album late last month.

Met the friends for a really quick dinner, then strolled to the venue. It was totally packed out. Met many more friends. Wheeeee! The peeps at home would be catching EITS in Malaysia along with Mew on Halloween as part of Urbanscapes. Or in Singapore in five days at Camp Symmetry. So glad that the opening band for Hong Kong's show, sings. Heh. I really can't bear to listen to more than one post-rock band in a night. 'Cobra. Cobra? Cobra!' made a slightly groovier start to the evening.

I stood so far from the stage. Sound was great, but lighting was awful. No photo I took on the phone turned out post-worthy. EITS did a short set. Of course they played 'Your Hand in Mine'. It's an old favorite of mine, way back from Friday Night Lights, the movie starring Billy Bob Thornton, not the tv series that I liked for only the first season. But they didn't do 'First Breath After Coma'. Haizzz. I was waiting for that. :( All in all, a wonderful night.

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