Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Girlfriend Joins Me

This final leg of my stay in Hong Kong is rounded up with A joining me in the city. She was out at the Islands for a silent retreat for a full 8 days, waking up at 5am and spending most of the day in contemplative prayer. The discipline. I'm very proud of this girlfriend. Without meaning to, we've somehow ended up traveling together annually on impromptu trips.

Left instructions for the reception to sort out A's arrival, nipped out for a quick browse at the adjacent mall, found something practical, and placed a little welcome gift on her bed, and went about the day's business. Once she got online, she texted her parents and all to tell them that she got in fine. Yay.

Later that night, I was so pleased to see her all glowing and cheerful from what had obviously been a most rejuvenating retreat. Didn't plan to do very much during our time together. Am a tad worried that it would be sensory overload, and want her to ease back into the noisy city, then back to the steady hum of work. I'm winding down from all the tea lessons and social whirl too. Quiet, soul-nourishing activities are ideal; alcohol optional.


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