Thursday, October 10, 2013

Getting In Touch

Even though online access to all information is so easy, landing in a new city spurs me to pick up hard copies of whatever interesting happenings for a quick glance. There's just something fun about flipping through hard copies. Same thing this trip. It's October, a new month from my rather recent last trip to Hong Kong. Things would changed. New stuff to do.

Picked up friendly Time Out and HK. Grinned at their writing. Very different from what I'm used to in Singapore. It's just...more vocal here. Am enjoying it. There's a different rhythm and excitement to the conversations. Well, I'm a tourist, really, wearing rose-tinted glasses still.

It's not difficult to ease into the social whirl of Hong Kong. It feels like a familiar city. No language barriers for me at all. Except, I need to master writing in Cantonese. Ugh. I'm not really here for the food. If you must know, I'm not a big fan of dim sum or char siew. I like congee and double-boiled soups. The city is near enough to visit often, for various reasons. Not going to bother about the long-held comparisons between Singapore and Hong Kong. A city, is a city, especially one that shares a similar colonial past, but has developed so differently on a socio-political level from home comforts. Reading the newspapers made me feel like I've never left home. Familiar urban socio-economic issues. Anyway. Many friends live here, either locals, long-stayers or new-ish residents. This morning at 6am, both the phone alarm and calendar reminder buzzed, notifying me of 11 appointments spread over today and tomorrow. *gulp

But first, a coffee. Thrilled that the city has picked up coffee like never before. A robust rich cup of piccolo latte is rather easily obtainable. The day's first appointments begin with coffee or breakfast (for the friends, really). I like being early at appointments. One cup for solitude and to wake up, and a second to follow when the friends get here.

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