Friday, November 01, 2013

Lamma Island

The girlfriend didn't mind hopping right back out to the Islands after her sojourn. "It's a different island," she shrugged. Hurrah. Pleased that she's game for a walk through the outdoors rather than through the malls. I can't leave Hong Kong without doing one last walk. This is one facet of Hong Kong I love.

Bright and early, we went out to catch the ferry to Lamma Island (or 南丫島, 博寮洲, Pok Liu Chau) for a walk. The weather, although not hot, isn't exactly cool either. Hong Kong has only just turned cooler. At 24℃ with the blazing sun, one will still perspire at a brisk walk or jog. But the lower humidity totally encourages outdoor activities. LOVE.

The route is easy. I prefer to get off at Yung Shue Wan (榕樹灣), walk through to Hung Shin Yeh Beach (洪聖爺灣泳灘) and then upslope to Sok Kwu Wan (索罟灣) on the other side, have a bite, and grab a ferry back to Central Piers from there. Remember to check ferry timings and time your pee breaks. Otherwise the wait for a ferry on one side of the island can take up to an hour, whereas from Central Piers, if you don't care about arrival points, then there're two ferries going to Lamma Island every half an hour or so, alternating between Yung Shue Wan and Sok Kwu Wan.

Just under two hours at an easy pace. It isn't a difficult trail. Concrete paths all the way, unlike Dragon's Back and other trails on Cheung Chau. Not many mozzies lurking. The weather held blue and sunny. We walked slowly and sat down to enjoy the views from different vantage points. Stared at leaves and bushes, peered into abandoned structures and stared at people's vegetable patches. Time is meant to be savored this way. Thankful for caps, sunscreen and good walking shoes.

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