Saturday, November 02, 2013


Many of the Cantonese restaurants serve up food in the less oily and delicate versions that I prefer. If prior arrangements are made, most kitchens are happy to veer away from meats and meat stock in the dishes ordered. Quite a pleasure exploring its food in this setting.

Thought I should fatten up a bit in Hong Kong before I pop over to Taipei. While I like the teas in Taipei and the city in general, I'm not so hot about Taiwanese food. Our itinerary and visits to Taipei so far has left me with no time to suss out places to eat and a bit of a fear about its food accessible to us at locations that we would pass by. Hence, eating a lot more than my usual portions in Hong Kong and savoring every bit.

Arranged a dinner at Yee Tung Heen (怡東軒). Competent food. Some odd flavours here and there, but mostly hits rather than misses. We went for items light and easy on the palate. The restaurant's got a good list of teas too. When we order tea of a better grade, instead of letting the leaves sit in a pot to be scalded and then die, the servers take more care in serving it in a gaiwan before pouring it into your drinking cup.

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