Saturday, November 02, 2013


Love their old-school cha chaan teng, which is like our local kopitiam.

Dunno when I'll pop into Hong Kong again. But it's one of those destinations where I know I would pop by simply because of the friends. I love it because it still offers those 'authentic' (I loathe to call it that though) sights and sounds of the past that are still the way of life. These are scenes and places I rarely find in Singapore now.

Such a lovely host Hong Kong has been this October. A long enjoyable sojourn where there've been many opportunities to hang out with everyone and still get out to the Islands. Couldn't have asked for better weather in the tail-end of their typhoon season.

Hong Kong and Singapore, both of you aren't very different, really. Except in the realm of politics and discourse in civil society. There's a familiarity to the city and the pulse of life that reminds me so much of home. It's also a city I'm fine to hang out alone in. There's virtually no language barrier, and it's really easy to navigate as long as I've internet access on-the-go. Third-wave coffee culture has hit the city and that's really icing on top of the cake. Very happy now. I popped by 18 Grams at Causeway Bay so frequently this month that the baristas knew my preferences, and the resident cat had begun to cosy up. Heh.

Bye for now, Hong Kong. xxxooo

A common sight in the little villages- fish that had been salted being hung out to be dried.

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