Wednesday, October 23, 2013

MIL's Birthday

The MIL's colors for the evening.

My blur partner doesn't know how old his parents are or any details about their wedding anniversary. He clearly hasn't filled out enough administrative forms for them. And I've been too polite to ask around to ascertain specific dates.

Anyway. Although the man doesn't know their year of birth, at least he knows their birth dates. A quick count would put his mom's age at about 65, at the minimum. I'll keep it at that.

Glad that I made time for the man's mom's birthday dinner. There's another bigger Chinese-style dinner celebration with the extended family though, of which I'll merrily miss. :P We took the man's mom out for a quiet dinner at Brasserie Les Saveurs where food is usually better than most hotels' cafes. Service was good. The man and the parents enjoyed their orders. Kitchen made an effort to go even lighter than usual on the oil. My sole meunière was excellent. The restaurant took my request seriously- to serve one small slice of a birthday cake in the lightest sponge and fruit, with one candle. Accompanied by a beautifully sung birthday song by the resident singer.

She and the FIL, have always been husband and wife first, and in the age of nannies with their invaluable help, identified themselves as 'parents' second. That's largely why they had a child late (in that era) and chose to only have one. Heh. It's a wonderful position for them to adopt because it meant that they're way cool regarding the man, or the man and I, and all our life choices. My incredibly elegant and stylish MIL is one of those who didn't bat an eyelid when I moved in with the man seven years ago without the intention of marriage. I'm not very sure what transpired between the man and her all those years ago, but I definitely didn't have a conversation with her along the lines of "By the way, I'm moving in. Thanks." There wasn't awkwardness back then. There hasn't been, so far. Whewww.

Happy Birthday Mommy! To your health and happiness.

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