Thursday, October 24, 2013

Wonton Noodles :: 馄饨面

Hopped on the flight back to Hong Kong. I say 'back' only because I keep popping in and out of the city this month. If I didn't have to fly in and out, I'd have simply rented a flat for the month instead of staying at hotels. It's all about having to lock up the Macbook and other stuff on a daily basis, and sorting out the dirty clothes. Jeans still need to be washed after like...five wears in the humidity right?! So I appreciate hotels that give me laundry credit. Shopping for new clothes isn't an option. Each time I actually need clothes, I can't find any that I like.

Finally had my first bowl of wonton noodles (馄饨面 or 雲吞面) after wandering around Hong Kong these few weeks. Heh. Didn't bother to eat it at the many meals till today. There still isn't any reason why I should go check out the so-called famous stalls. (Think Mak's, Mak An Kee, Mak Man Kee, Wing Wah, Ho Hung Kee, etc) Stepped into a little shop along the crowded streets of Jordan that none of us remember the name of. But the smells drew us in.

The brightly-lit stall sold roast meats, and also wonton noodles. There was something for everyone at the table. All of us ordered different items.  I spied bowls of noodles on every table. Not necessarily with wontons. But char siew too. The noodles looked really good. Decided to have that. 

In anticipation of eating seafood, I had popped an antihistamine. Bravely chomped on the huge shrimp dumplings. Crunchy. The noodles weren't mushy and had that, what do you call it, QQ (?) bite. It was delicious. Lucked out with this stall because it didn't seem to have sprinkled a lot of MSG into the soup. Didn't get the dry-mouth or shivers after the meal. Whew. Those noodles were definitely satisfying.  


D said...

miss this so much! besides dim sum, wonton noodles are my must haves in hk.

imp said...

i like the noodles best.

kikare said...

QQ is the same as al dente as I understand it? or we say it in Hong Kong, 彈牙

imp said...

kikare: ah! I think so!