Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Operation Pink

Have you seen #OperationPink going around online?

If you're on Instagram or Twitter, do support @operationpinksg with a retweet that includes #OperationPink or an original line or photo with #OperationPink. For every hashtag sent, Parkway Group will donate 50 cents to the Breast Cancer Foundation in Singapore for their research and fight against breast cancer.

You know how I veer away from colors, dislike theme/costume parties, and all that tedious nonsense. There has to be a very good reason for me to adhere to a theme. So that day in Hong Kong, I dug out pink stuff and wore them out, in support of the month of pink for the fight against breast cancer. Hong Kong's Peninsula Hotel has taken up this cause for the month too with 'Thinking Pink', and taken on their 'Peninsula in Pink' initiative for all their hotels.

Today, I shall wear this comfortable pair of Tods out, in honor of pink. I love Tods. They're great for my bunions. I've got their ballerina flats in most colors, but this fuchsia pink pair remains one of the most oft-worn. It's a color I wouldn't normally choose, but for the MIL, who insists that I look fine in pink and all its hues, and other colors. She bought it for me with much affection. And I wear it with as much love and respect, for an awesome and gracious MIL who has survived breast cancer twice.

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