Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Islands

There's so much natural beauty in the Islands. This trip, since the man has declared interest to be taken to the islands instead of holing up in clubs and bars, I had plenty of time to make sure we hop out to two familiar ones. The conveniently located piers make access to these islands an absolute breeze. It's incredible how our phones, latched onto the local telco (on 4G!) from our subscribed data-roam, held steady across the bodies of water. Win lor, I don't even get 3G in certain spots in the central business district back at home.

It was such a hot week. While not as humid as Singapore, the sun still blazed down mercilessly, and even as we thank God that we missed the typhoons, we were perspiring like crazy. At least we were decked out in dri-fit. Totally prepped for the weather. But yes, this week is relatively cooler. You can feel it. It's autumn.

Went walking around Pok Liu Chau (博寮洲, or Lamma Island) to take in those awesome chill vibes. It's amazing how this island, just 20 minutes away from mainland can be so different. But from all accounts, property prices are rising here, and it might just hold the next holiday home for urbanites. Okay. I see some familiar patterns here. A pity we couldn't get to see the endangered green turtles in Sham Wan. It's nesting season from June to end October, so there's restricted access to this small precious area.

Took a leisurely 50-minute trip to Cheung Chau (長洲). It's a quiet little fishing village. We came mostly for its superbly fresh local seafood. To justify the gorging of food, we took a long meandering walk from one point of the island to the other, through the residential areas to see the dwellings from an olden era. The man was absolutely fascinated by the old school bakeries and the soft buns produced. Half the fun was to just buy a cold bottle of barley, then walk further to sit on a bench in the middle of nowhere to watch the world go by ever so slowly and charmingly.

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