Thursday, October 03, 2013

Trip Planning

My upcoming trips would coincide with the girlfriend's. She wanted to see if we could hang out. I really wouldn't mind. Except I told her sternly that if she was planning on shopping at the malls, she would be on her own for that duration. Luckily, she wanted to try out some of the urban trails. Wheww. I welcome that.

We won't have that much time together. Three days, maybe, depending on her schedule. Although we always say 'play it by ear', it isn't exactly so. We'd have sheets of information detailing where to chill out at. We don't like being clueless tourists that way.

I like going on trips with her. Past trips were so much fun. For this one that doesn't really count as a trip-together, she's already sent out a draft of an admin note of sorts which includes cafe stops. Muahahahaha. I love that shit. She's also plonked in the urban trails that she think she could conquer. The optimism! Can lah. She does exercise regularly. She's not going to bail out of a 5-hour walk. So we agreed to go over that admin note thoroughly and make the amendments over the phone or grab a face-to-face.

Trip planning with the girlfriend meant drinks and dinner. Anything is an excuse for us to meet lah. Now that her work schedule has shifted, I see her more. Yay! She's a secret alcoholic. I wasn't really wanting a drink. But fine, I went with her choice of pink sparkling moscato since it was a two-for-one offer at happy hour. They didn't have any beers on the menu that I really wanted.

I was scribbling furiously. Ideas. Plenty. When I next looked up, she had more or less finished her first glass, and was staring at mine, waiting for me to gulp it all so that she could order a second round. DOH.

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this is so funny!