Saturday, November 23, 2013

Alcohol Is Good

Randomly noticed that the man's pair of earrings was sparkling. It occurred to me that he might have cleaned them. I wondered if he had found my bottles of jewelry cleaner that weren't exactly placed in plain sight. So I asked him what did he use to clean the diamond studs.

The man's not very good with storing things or finding things. Every other day, he would ask me if I've seen his keys/wire/cable/card/adaptor/passport/whatever, and my answer is usually a curt discouraging "NO." I usually don't notice his things. He's not a child. I expect him to put his stuff in order and not ask me about it. I'm not a babysitter. Many times, he had to call his mother to ask her if she had seen Item X/Y/Z. It's rather amusing that the mother bothers to entertain him, at this ripe old age. So if he had found the bottles of jewelry cleaner, that would be rather impressive.

He looked at me quizzically. "Yea, I cleaned them. With vodka. What else?"

I burst out in laughter. Wasn't expecting that answer. But yes, coming from him, what other answer would there be. Oof.

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