Friday, November 22, 2013

White Truffle Season

Back in town and with a vengeance, most meals are made up of nasi padang, and pretty much sambal-spices-everything. I cannot live without that gorgeous burn on the tastebuds, and those complex spices that needn't be chilli-fiery hot, but just full of flavors. Surprisingly, I haven't checked in at Tatsuya or Shinji yet. And oh, oddly, shamelessly gorging on shaved white truffles with pasta.

It's not that I super love white truffles. But they go well with pasta, a quantity that's shaved somewhere between 7 - 9grams. I like them done in the simplest way- an egg taglioni of sorts, plain, no further ingredients or embellishment needed. I've stepped into all the Italian restaurants I'm fond of and eaten this dish there twice over. Hehehehe.

Nothing fancy required. Don't need the white truffles to be shaved over foam or whatever progressive style of cooking and presentation. Which is why I can eat this dish meal after meal, but not daily, of course. Just one dish. Nothing else. No vegetables, no meat, no fish, pure carbs. Mmmm. Although, I had to make sure I burn off all calories consumed. Otherwise, by Thanksgiving, I'd have fattened up rather sizeably, and can't fit into winter tights and jackets.

This one's from Burlamacco Ristorante.
If you like beef tripe stew in fresh tomato sauce, they do a tasty version with cheese and parsley.

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