Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Getting Lunch and Gloves!

The girlfriend's bestie E, is in town for a visit and we got together for a fun chat and a super filling lunch of spices at PeraMakan. It was a good day to hang out before the rains washed in for the afternoon and the girls had to hide away at the mall to avoid the ponding and traffic round the corner at Mount Faber.

E brought me a gift! I was so pai-seh that I didn't prep anything for her. Was wondering about that, but couldn't totally think of buying anything that she doesn't already have. It's like...she flew in to visit family and friends, and eat all the local delights, and she's going to be doing exactly that. And I can't get her anything easy on the stomach without having Oz Customs confiscate them when she flies home.

Was tickled silly when I saw what the brown bag held. There was a lovely chunk of dark chocolate. But even more exciting, were the packs of gloves. HAHAHAHA. Yes, gloves! (Thank you E!) Gloves from this particular brand made in the design that's super awesome for erm washing dishes. I totally raved about them the moment I tried them on a couple of years back. A brand that I could only find in Australia; even then, stocks seem to be limited and they're quite difficult to hunt down even within the cities' supermarkets. E had gone through so much trouble to gather this batch from a couple of supermarkets spread across the city. Woot.

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