Tuesday, November 19, 2013

These Awesome LEGO Creations

Incredibly blessed with the most generous of friends. It must have taken A (the architect of them all) and Y so much time to put together these LEGO creations. Their Lil'Missy helped loads too. She determinedly plucked out the heads of minifigs to determine which ones kinda match the actual human faces. But they did anyway. Gifts for the man and I. Early Christmas presents, and while it's not a competition, I think these deserve to be named the best presents of the season.

They know us, and they know us well. I LOVE MINE TO BITS. It's currently sitting in the cabinet at home with the crystal. Need to go get an acrylic case for it. Perhaps spray it with super glue or something so everything remains intact. I don't think I can rebuild this. The photographs are just so that if anything shitty happens, I can whine to the creators and beg them to rebuild them. Heh.


A LEGO piece that's all for me. Mine! Mega love.

Couldn't stop laughing when I saw it. Even though I wouldn't bother to dress up as a zombie at Halloween and thinks that zombies, being all the rage now, is a tad of an overkill, I still like them. Nope, I'm not a big fan of 'The Walking Dead' tv series or graphic novels. Don't play Plants vs. Zombies. No, I haven't forgotten about vampires and lycans (Hello, big fan of Underworld movies), but zombies are the imminent threat, what with all this urban development nonsense and chemical weapons and all. While I don't stockpile for doomsday, or do any sort of extreme coupon-ing (watch channel TLC), I love slipping 'zombie apocalypse' into the conversation.

That's supposed to be me, wielding a katana warding off a decomposing zombie. WOOT. A katana. They know I'm not a fan of guns. Being able to manage a gun and knowing how to use it is one thing. This world doesn't need more guns. Given a choice, I'll choose a bow and arrow or a nasty sword. A katana is the perfect weapon of choice. No, not inspired by Michonne.

Then you gotta look at the shirt they gave the minifig. With skulls. So Guns N' Roses lah. And that grinning face. It's so me! Totally tickled by the fact that they thought to build a secret compartment within the 'home' that effectively opens up to a wall of weapons. Well, not an armoury because that would include grenades and all that. Enough sharp items to make zombie kills. (Although who's to say if there's such a thing ever, I'll be the first to run away screaming and climb up the tallest building, barricade myself there and starve to death) Pick-axes and all. Wonderful. The friends are GOOD. Multi-layered lego creation.

Awesome love this season. Before Advent. In time for Thanksgiving. Such blessings. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, A, Y and R. These aren't just superbly-appreciated gifts. They symbolize so much more. Your friendship is treasured.

And oh, completely forgot about it- here's the man's present. Of In Each Hand A Cutlass. SO CUTE LAH. He squealed when he saw it.


Cavalock said...

Don't superglue it!!!! ;)

Yuling said...

We wanted to get you an acrylic case, but thought it might look too sterile - it's meant to be played with! Don't worry la, A will help fix if anything breaks! I can change your hairstyle and outfit should you get sick of them, heh!

imp said...

cavalock: why cannot?

Y: it's okay! i'll play with it for a bit then put it in the case. it's not a sealed case anyway. :) Love my outfit. evergreen. don't need changing!

D said...

These are AWESOME!