Sunday, November 10, 2013

An Obviously Fruitful Trip

We brought so little stuff over to Taipei that our respective (empty) suitcases + totebags totalled only 13.1 kg per person. When we returned, each suitcase weighed in at 33 kg. Heh. You don't want to know how many suitcases we checked in, and how many cabin bags we carried. There wasn't an in-room weighing scale at the tiny hotel. Didn't bring a mini weighing scale either. We simply estimated by lifting the suitcases and bags. If we could lift it and hold it for a minute, it would be fine. Anyway, international flights in Asia have less baggage weight and size restrictions, even on budget airlines.

This is also the part where I almost threw a royal fit at having to pay for baggage weight. Granted, buying extra kilos prior to the flight did save some money instead of being charged for overweight baggage at the airport, but I've NEVER had to purchase luggage space till these trips on Jetstar. Anyway.

We had nowhere to even squeeze in a beautiful box of pineapple tarts thoughtfully gifted. Had to strip it down to individual pieces and slot them into the various bags. Although at the airport's duty free shop, I determinedly found shoulder space to sling an extra strap to haul back a huge bottle of Kavalan Solist Sherry Cask single malt. Not about to neglect whisky.

That's it for now, Taipei. 

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