Saturday, November 09, 2013

Coffee :: 日々是好日

There were no words to describe the joy when nichi nichi (日子咖啡) was sighted. Yes, a cafe. NOT A TEA HOUSE. IN FACT THE TEA MENU WAS MORE OR LESS NON-EXISTENT. COFFEE! WOOT. Clean lines and wood. Lovely. GOOD COFFEE. Music was brainless, but it would suffice. Anything would be better that what I've had in days. Had to visit Starbucks once; that was more than enough. Coffee from the machine at breakfast was unsatisfying.

Great coffees on the menu. Ordered a Guatemala Antigua Bella Carmona. Black, of course. Savored it really slowly. It was the one day where there wouldn't be anything about tea. We were done, spent and ready to go home. I definitely couldn't wait to get back for a taste of sambal belachan. And a hearty salad. There were desserts on the menu. Didn't notice if they served food. Probably not. No greasy smells wafting out from the back.

Sat for a while in the cafe. Quiet hum. Everyone else was hunched over a notebook or a book. Scribbled in the notebook a little, to remind myself what to blog, which photos to post on the respective social media platforms (the perils of not bringing along the Macbook), and random thoughts to add on to the places visited and teas we had tried over the past few days. Stifled laughter over a passed-around corny tweet that asked "How much do hipsters weigh?"; Answer "An Insta-Gram."

日々これ好日なり。'Twas a really good day indeed.

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