Friday, November 08, 2013

美麗的一頓晚餐 :: 豐盛食堂

Initially, we thought we heard wrong, and took it as one of those polite invitations that wouldn't translate into anything concrete. We weren't going to take it up. But when we left and the owners of the tea shop reiterated, "See you at 6pm for dinner", we knew it was for real. Sincerely so.

We were overwhelmed that the owners deemed it worth their time to take us out for dinner. We didn't buy that much tea from them. But we shared an understanding of our similar approach to understanding about tea. Much of our knowledge of Taiwanese teas had been gleaned from their generous sharing.

It was a modest and almost traditional Taiwanese restaurant. Situated in the middle of the almost touristy Dong Men (東門) Metro exit area the Da'an district (大安區), the restaurant was packed with locals. Food was excellent. Tasted like home cooked goodness. Importantly, I didn't detect MSG heartburn and tongue-tingles in the aftermath.

Our hosts asked if we had any dietary preferences. Only requested for no prawns or shellfish because when those, coupled with litres of tea, would incite allergies to flare. Kept quiet about my preferences for vegetarian; figured they ate meat. It's just, etiquette, sometimes. The partner eats pork, so I knew she'd be able to eat my share, and the portions were small enough to muddle over the fact that I only took a courteous, obligatory tiny nip of the meats on the table. There were two plates of vegetables, and a beautiful steamed pumpkin that was in season. Mmmm. Low on salt. Fabulous. Probably the best meal of the trip.

We didn't notice the name of the restaurant because the conversation dominated everything. Didn't dare to take too many photos either. Etiquette lah. We followed the roads our hosts took us through. I know these roads though, so some easy googling popped up familiar photos to match a name. Yay! It's 豐盛食堂.

The in-season steamed pumpkin wrapped with seaweed, served with broccoli.

豐盛食堂 (Feng Sheng Shi Tang)
No. 1-3, Li Shui Street, Da'an District, Taipei City (Metro station: Dongmen)
T: (+886) 02 2369 1133

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