Thursday, November 07, 2013

For Left-Handers

Porcelain, part of Lin's Ceramics Studio's (陶作坊) 'Ju Ware' series.

Yeah, I write with my right hand. Sketch, sometimes. Pool is played with the right hand. So is the guitar (don't love it so much to get a custom-shop leftie) and whatever. But I play golf and hockey with my left hand. Bought left-handed clubs and sticks. It controls the aim so much better. It's my stronger hand. My somersaults, splits and whatnots, and the more flexible limbs, are unsuprisingly, the left.

No, this isn't comprehensively indicative of my political leanings as a concerned citizen of a suitably democratic affluent and efficient republic.

When it comes to brewing tea, I prefer to use the left hand. But sadly, most teapots are meant for right-handers. Which is probably why when I pick a lidded cup or bowl, otherwise known as gai-wan or gai-bei (蓋碗或蓋杯), they should be able to be used on either side.

They make so few items of tea ware for left-handers that each time I see one in the retail shops, it gets really tempting to own it. Was thrilled when I found the rare few in the Taipei shops. Unfortunately, many weren't made in the material I wanted. So had to leave them on the shelf. But I had to take photos!

Lin's Ceramics Studio (陶作坊) calls this material 'purion'. 

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