Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Guzman y Gomez

Fell in love with Guzman y Gomez in Brisbane in 2011. Ate there for most meals and even packed up burritos for the flight home and to freeze them for the next three meals. Thrilled to know they would open in Singapore at some point. And they finally did. Happy to know that they offered training for their full-timers in Sydney before the store opened.

And smart, they opened the first outlet in the Asia Square Tower 2 food court instead of setting up a stand-alone store straightaway. This clearly isn't a franchise, and the owners want to maintain a certain level of familiarity and standard similar and consistent to the Australian outlets. They're currently opened only for the hours of lunch during weekdays. That cuts down so much on operation costs and everything else could hopefully be ploughed back towards staff training and most importantly, food quality.

First thing to eat when I got in proper, was to have myself a giant plate of nasi padang with a ton of sambal. Next, I made a trip down to the Central Business District at 2pm to check out Guzman y Gomez in Singapore. My goodness. Their flavors are comfortingly similar to the ones I remember from Brisbane. Similar pricing, and about the same portions with almost as good ingredients. This is the best available option of Mexican fast food here in Singapore.

There, happiness in a burrito bowl.

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