Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Went Out To Play

Lil'Missy took the menu, scanned it, and read aloud, "Fresh orange and grapefruit juice. Fresh pear, apple and I-dunno-what-this-is juice." I blinked. No way. This was her first visit to Common Man Coffee Roasters. She wouldn't know what the menu held. She actually read that! Kids grow up too fast. Leaned over and stared at it. Ohhh. That word she didn't recognise. "Celery" She knew what it was though.

But no, we didn't order any juice at the cafe. All three options of mixed juices which had been squeezed into glass bottles, and too antioxidant-tasting for my liking. Each option featured a bitter or pungent flavor- grapefruit, ginger or celery. YUCKS. Ate loads though. Their food's pretty decent so far. Young girl, Y and I, we separately had early meals and didn't have a mid-day nibble, and by 4pm, we were famished.

Lil'Missy demanded to be taken out of the cafe to stroll around, leaving Y to finish her coffee in peace. As we toddled down the stairs, the girl went, "Wait, Aunty Imp. Slowly. My legs hurt." I was like "Why? Where does it hurt?" Looked for an obvious injury somewhere. Nothing leh. The girl's reply made me LOL. She pointed to her calves and said, "I went to ballet class yesterday and now my legs hurt." I couldn't help chortling. HAHAHAHAHA. The teacher must have set the class to skip and dance round and round the studio. Yes, I know that feeling, sweetie, but wait till you get en pointe. That's really going to hurt. 

Haven't seen lil'Missy and Y for ages. Awesome to chill out with them one afternoon when both our schedules suddenly freed up. The little girl wanted to run. Riiight. Didn't her calves hurt? We headed to the river side to uhh sprint. She really sprinted. I had to do more than a brisk walk to catch up with her. We somehow ended up at the arcade for some good-old-fashioned fun. It felt nostalgic, not playing a game on a tv screen, a computer screen, the phone or a tablet. Good-old-fashioned table games, smack-the-frogs, even dancing thingies.


Yuling said...

Couldn't help but giggle at your heading. We went out to play indeed! Such great fun! "Better than mama!"

imp said...

That is one hilarious game. The instructions are incomprehensible. Heh!