Thursday, November 28, 2013

Hello +1 (206)

Each city must have a ferris wheel of sorts lor. Here's the Seattle Great Wheel.

You know me. I'm over the intensity of an itinerary of '14-day trip zoom across 8 cities' on vacations. (Work trips, of course. That's expected.) Carrying gigantic backpacks, sleeping in trains and train stations- done and dusted. I want to get to know a place intimately at leisure, in a familiar standard of comfort, and at length. (Trekking trips not included in this definition.) I want to be able to navigate a city with a large measure of ease and not look like a clueless tourist.

Saved for a surprise super short birthday trip to NYC for a long weekend, I haven't stepped into USA for almost eight years. Spent most of late teens and young adulthood in various states and cities. BUT, it's a country I'm not in any big hurry to re-visit. Like I said, I'm more interested in re-discovering England, which filled up childhood vacations, and creating pleasant memories now.

Plans to visit Baltimore, Maryland over the last two years have been thwarted twice. (OMG, 'The Wire'. Totally in love with it.) Pfffft. So for this trip to USA, I picked a city that I've never stepped into- Seattle, Washington, a city with an incredibly bustling arts and music scene. And for the fantabulous food and beer of the Pacific Northwest.

We wouldn't just be in Seattle. We'd be all around King County. The man and I, we had a debate about this trip. We're so near to Portland, Oregon, that it would be a pity not to drive up and check it out. Portland!!! BUT, if we do that, then we're obligated to drive further into Vancouver to visit family. It's this perennial thing. We can't seem to go to anywhere without going further than landing point. So no. To put all stops to anyone's notion of wanting to feed us this winter, we're staying put. All you people, yes, you, YOU and you, can come party with us in King County. We'll feed y'all instead. Hehehehehe.

Looking at downtown Seattle. That's its Space Needle to the left.

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