Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Same Weight Whut

The BFF sent me to buy books, specifically the paperback of Khaled Hosseini's 'And the Mountains Echoed'. Well, Kinokuniya didn't have any. They only had hard covers. A quick check on Book Depository confirmed that the paperback is only available for pre-orders and delivery will be next year. Oh well. The hard cover it was.

Then I chose another book to go along. Donna Tartt's 'The Goldfinch' in paperback. It's the BFF's kind of book. I've realised that she shares the man's preferences for books. So if I buy her books, it would have to be something I wouldn't read by first choice, and one that I know the man would read. Heh.

When she saw the hard cover, she was like, "Wah. So heavy. I want to take it along for my flight up." I rolled my eyes and waited for her to pick up the paperback. She did so and grimaced. Then she picked up both to do a rough weigh in the hands. "The paperback is heavier than the hard copy?!!! Why?!"

Well. That's a why I couldn't answer. Something about the weight of the paper used, I guess. The kind of paperback we like are still those about A5 size in a much lighter and compact version to be slipped into haversacks and purses. These are really unwieldy though. And expensive. Buying new books is such a joy, and has gradually become such a pricey hobby nowadays. Each book averages S$25. And that's S$25 wasted if I don't like it and dunno who to pass it to. It has come to pass that I buy e-copies to test them out, and if I really like them, hard copies are purchased for the pleasure of future reading.


D said...

The Goldfinch is awesome! Also 30% off Amazon books (up to $10 maximum though) for Black Friday!

imp said...

D: Hahaha. It is, I gotta give it that. Love the Amazon deals, but for some odd reason, I didn't buy hard copies. Baah.