Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Work Year Is Done

One of my fav gaiwans in black. There, I even like tea ware in mainly monotones.
Preferably black and white.

Final tea workshops of the year were rounded up over the weekend. There, the work year is beautifully done on this front. Certainly, it's been a very short work year that has brought us a lot of joy. Human interaction exhausts me, and that's probably why I really prefer to hide behind the counter to play with teapots and all, and behind a computer screen, leaving the partner to front it and be the face of Pekoe & Imp.

We've earned zero profit, but a rough count (with the help of Excel) indicated that we did break even on the purchase of tea leaves. Forget the purchase of tea wares, air tickets and accommodation, or the man-hours. Those can only be funded out of our own pockets and passion, and not from any business profits. Is this a good model? Yes, if we hold our 'day jobs', to speak, or there's another steady stream of income to fund this serious hobby. Otherwise, this isn't an ideal money-making model.

On this note, there's a need to shoutout to Facebook as a communications channel. We've been diligent on the brand page. It has definitely helped us spread the word and build our branding. We never pay for ads or write-ups, don't offer free workshops, don't accept freebies or ask for sponsorships, determined to stay true to our neutrality and beliefs in this particular business venture. Limited advertising, virtually zero Yet, our workshops have been running full. For that, we're grateful.

The tea partner and I discussed about next year. Still feeling fine with each other; we want to continue doing this. Dunno how it can furthered in terms of expanding behind the pop-up concept of workshops. Although we're sure the business model mustn't go down the road of a cafe or a retail shop. Don't care. Inspiration will hit when it hits. There has been goodwill and consistency built-up for this little brand. While the passion burns, we'd like to pour our heart into nurturing Pekoe & Imp. Till 2014.

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