Sunday, December 01, 2013

All The Seafood

Loved it chilled. A full Dungeness crab at US$58. Half a crab cost US$28.

It's all about Dungeness crabs served in all forms. Although I'm aware of how much cheaper food is in US compared to back home (there really isn't any basis for comparison), when faced with the menus in hand, I'm still stunned by how affordable prices (relative perception) are for so-fresh seafood at the King County restaurants that could do them well. The prices are way real, compared to say Los Angeles and New York City, or London. The prices in those two cities, are close to Singapore's, with all its imported goods and products, really jack up the prices fivefold for end consumers. Ouch.

We were down by the waterfront. We refused to go up the Seattle Great Wheel that was just newly put up last June. Interested in the fantastic food in the area, from Pike Market to the surrounding restaurants. As touristy as the waterfront is, Elliott's Oyster House offers seafood done simple, and the freshness shines through. I like it that many menus promise that their supplies are from sustainable sources, and may it be truly so.

Obviously, I'm popping antihistamines daily. While I'm mindful of what I eat, I rather pop them because the stock and gravy used are mainly seafood-based. Not going to be deprived of eating all the seafood and shellfish I like. For oysters, my tastebuds prefer the local Blue Pool and Baywater. Not quite inclined towards the others. Couldn't resist getting a white clam chowder. Mmm. Totally in love with clam chowders. On some days, a piping hot good thick bowl with bread does the trick to feed me. That grilled ling cod held the barest touch of salt and sat on a beautiful bed of mushrooms and sprouts. The rich yet light flavors and textures were absolutely satisfying.

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