Monday, December 02, 2013

Brought Too Many Bags

Unpacked the suitcases, shook out the bags and grinned. I must have been not thinking very much when packing. Must have been too thrilled with SQ's increased baggage allowance, which brought it to a reasonable comparison with other airlines. Mindful of the US domestic flights' baggage allowance, I had to triple-check with all airlines concerned what's the exact weight one could carry. Although, I'm not sure what I would be using the extra allowance for. Not intending to shop here. Not when Customs at home is so anal about GST and left gaping loopholes in this particular policy towards returning Singapore residents and the definition of overseas purchases. Bleah. Plus I really don't have time to shop. Hahahaha. Too many exciting things planned.

So. In one suitcase, I brought four purses in total. Why would I need so many??! Yes, back home I change bags daily, but when travelling, I'm usually good with two. Anyway, brought one with a long strap which works great with unwieldy winter coats and leaves my hands free. Getting rather fond of bags with long straps on the shoulder or cross-body. It's the most practical option when travelling. Perfect for walking long distances in a city. Although I don't mind bags in jewel hues, these 'travelling bags' have ended up being bought in mostly black.

Especially happy because the dear friends gave the man and I LEGO LED Pirate keychains. We hang them off our bags. Added an additional ring which makes it easier to remove and attach the Pirate to any bag any time. Super useful in darkened cabins in-flight and long winter nights.

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