Sunday, December 15, 2013

Chipotle Every Other Day

Liking this outlet in Bellevue at 10503 NE 4th St.

If you're wondering why I haven't said anything about Chipotle, it's because I've been busy eating my way through its menu, minus the meats. There're the fancy restaurants that we go to. Tried strange fusion eateries and diners, but at the bottom of it, I LOVE CHIPOTLE. My default diner. Healthy options, good flavors and fantastic guac. My kind of food. It's the easiest thing to grab and go or eat in for a quick meal.

The man couldn't believe that I could eat Chipotle so often. Not just for main meals, but snacks too. Hahahah. Each time he asks what I would like to eat, the answer would invariably be "Chipotle!" Or "Mac and cheese". What? Together they make a pretty decent diet. No? Met some friends the other day at Chipotle, since they didn't mind, and the one downtown was close to their offices. Good chance to try it out. The location made perfect sense for a quick meet with loads of laughter, then got back to doing whatever we were all doing.

I like this outlet of Chipotle at Bellevue. Somehow the vibes and the food seem tastier than downtown Seattle's. Preferred choice of food is still a burrito bowl that I can throw everything in. Portions are definitely that bit larger than London's. Hurrah.


D said...

Chipotle... YUM!

D said...

I could eat there every day too!

imp said...

There're 5 Guys here. BUT we didn't step in. Hurhurhur. Found another awesome burgers and fries place. Lil Woody's