Sunday, December 15, 2013

Seattle's Coffees

Caffe Vita
on East Pike Street.

There're fabulous coffeeshops in Seattle serving fantastic coffees. Many outlets of Starbucks and whatever else dot the island, and they're popular. But like in any city, for people who're seeking for something a little more personal, then there're plenty of other choices.

Names are just names. Importantly, the owners and the baristas know what they're doing, and do what they can to consistently produce a good roast and eventually, a good cup. Very exciting to go around tasting their beans, roast and serve out final portions out to the consumers. So many- Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Slate CoffeeVictrola Coffee Roasters, Kaladi Brothers, Caffe Vita, Uptown Espresso, and one favorite in Bellevue, Kuma Coffee, etc.

Don't seem to have much jet lag. While I was tired from the long flights, I slept lots on the plane. Arrived in Seattle in the afternoon, and was definitely up to having coffee the first thing next morning. Slept two hours earlier (than my usual 1am) for the first two nights, and I felt fine after.

I only have this much quota for caffeine a day. But it's sufficient to check out two coffeeshops a day, learn my favorites and return to them for a happy caffeine boost. They're mainly located on the Hill (Capitol Hill), but there're some other stores and outlets in Fremont and Ballard worth visiting. Even if I'm not staying in Seattle all the time, I could just easily swing by a coffeeshop to sip the gorgeous blacks or sometimes with milk.

Stumptown Coffee on 12th Avenue.

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