Monday, December 16, 2013

Li'L Woody's

The man hadn't had a burger yet. Steakhouses are really not the best place to have burgers, although those will be quite fine. They'll be lacking in...something. Burgers are casual, not exactly fancy. But they need to be damn good, as good as the ones we can churn out at home.

We wanted to grab proper burger at an indie diner. I think we've no affinity with Five Guys. There's one somewhere around, but when faced with Chipotle or Five Guys, of course I'd take the former any time. I was never a fan of Shake Shack, and going by what the man likes in a burger and what he hunted down in Oz and London, I doubt he'll like it either. We won't be stepping into Five Guys because we found Li'l Woody's for superbly awesome burgers and shakes.

The man and I were going to lunch at two places. A burger place first for him, then a sandwich deli for me. I wasn't interested in burgers at Li'l Woody's, but I would sit with him and inhale those fries. Those hand-cut fries were out of this world awesome. I could eat baskets of them. Dipped them in a vanilla bean milkshake too! That's lunch, innit? And the milkshakes, were to-die-for. They use Molly Moon's ice-cream to make those milkshakes. The man was absolutely pleased with them. Milkshakes double up as dessert too.


Anonymous said...

The menu looks more extensive than Five Guys for sure. But now I feel like going to Five Guys soon!

imp said...

I like the buns and patties better fosure!