Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Jeff Tweedy :: Seattle

The one gig we bought tickets for in advance, 'The Lone Bellow', was cancelled. What a pity. I really really wanted to see them live. This is the one trip where we didn't plan to attend gigs or bought many tickets in advance. This is Seattle; there WILL BE GIGS. So we want to play it cool and totally by ear. It's been working! Good gawwd, going delirious with the number of gigs here. AHHHHH, my heart! Before winter fully hits, there're gigs abound. The last week saw 'El Ten Eleven', 'The Dismemberment Plan' (yup), 'And And And', and all that!

And we did it again- scored tickets to Jeff Tweedy's solo at The Moore Theatre (which was like friggin cold and everybody wore their coats, hats and gloves throughout) at face value. Went only half an hour before 8pm. The ticket booth was open and they sold us tickets. YAY! General admission, but seated, so we had to scramble to find seats and we managed to. All the way at the back though. Fine views, but didn't provide for decent photos.

Scott McCaughey (of 'The Young Fresh Fellows', and 'The Minus 5', and of a stint with 'R.E.M.') opened for Jeff Tweedy. He was such a hoot too. Had no idea that Jeff Tweedy's such a comedian. Heh. He's been called "cantankerous". So witty on stage, and totally at ease. Well, he let us sing! Some songs from 'Wilco' work acoustically, some songs don't. He played 'New Madrid' from 'Uncle Tupelo'.  Haven't heard much of that stuff, and am Spotify-ing everything.

I'm a really huge Wilco fan. Hoping they'd come through Singapore one day. Saves me the trouble of stalking them in other cities. :P

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